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Vicon Ent. Oilfield Services offers a variety of bits including Workover Bits, PDC’s, Blade Bits, Surface Bits and Tubing Bits

  • Tricone Bit - Open Journal
    Open Journal

    Workover bit, Standard open Roller Bearing w/o a seal. Cost Effective.

  • Tricone Bit - Sealed Journal
    Sealed Journal

    Very good durability and wear resistance.  Highly resistant to  heat and surface damage.

  • Twister Bit

    Specialy desined to chisel and drill through cement, composite and cast iron plugs, bridge plugs, float shoes and cement retainers.

  • Blade Bit - Step Type
    Blade Bits

    Blade bits come in step bits and chevron bits - contact us for more information.

  • PDC Bit

    PDC Bits available at Vicon.  Contact us for more information.

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